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Pegasus Mail
This is a very nice, easy to use yet powerful email client. It can easily be used to configure most POP3 compliant email servers both on and off the net.

Netscape Navigator
Netscape is one of the popular browser. It also includes a built-in newsreader, email, Net conferencing, and FTP support. You can always go and download for evaluation purpose.

MS Internet Explorer
It supports most of the same things as Netscape and can be downloaded and used free of charge. Also includes a built-in newsreader, email, Net conferencing, and FTP (this 'm not too sure) support.

Free Agent V1.11
This is an excellent, and again free, newsreader designed to handle multiple thousands of newsgroups. It's easy to use and feature rich. Includes automatic decoding and viewing of attachment files.

Bullet Proof FTP
This is most powerful and useful ftp client available today. It is easy to use. Even if your computer crashes in the middle of a download, BP FTP will still recover from where you left off!

WS_FTP Limited Edition
An instinctive, user-friendly interface. Comes with many popular ftp sites already setup for immediate downloading. The limited edition is offered free of charge for most users, while the Professional version can be purchase via the internet or your local software retailer. For most users, the limited edition is all you'll ever need.

SimpTerm is a very simple (thus the name), easy to use telnet-rlogin program. Works well as a telnet add-on for your favorite web browser or as it's own individual program. And yes, as with many programs listed here, it is also available for use free of charge.

HTML Authoring & Graphics Program
CoffeeCup Software
This is my new favorite for web design software. They have an excellent html editor which includes many popular Java, VB and CGI scripts for you to use. The user interface is quick and easy to learn and has everything you could need. In addition, they also have other fantastic software like the Style Sheet maker. It helps make creating and using style sheets that much easier and efficient. Check out their shareware and the low cost of the full versions, it's worth it!

Paint Shop Pro
Not enough can be said about this program, you'll have to try it to understand. It is a very powerful painting and image-altering program that supports almost any graphics format you can think of. It compatible with PhotoShop filters and Kai's Power Tools and does quite a bit on it's own. It also supports Twain compliant scanners and OCR tools. All this and at a fantastic price too.

General Freeware & Shareware Resources
Besides Microsoft themselves, this is probably one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Almost any shareware or freeware program available for download that has ever been written for Windows95, 98, NT and CE can be found on this site. They update it daily with new and updated software.

Download, Tucows, Freewarehome Best sites for downloading software.

The Freeware Publishing Site
Another excellent site for Windows95 software. Big difference here is all the software is freeware. It is also updated daily and broken down into easy to follow categories.

The Free Site
Freebies are what they're all about at THE FREE SITE. They bring you fresh listings and reviews of all the best freebies that are available on the Net. If you want to know what the latest and greatest freebies are, best sure to go here first.

Totally Free Stuff
They're trying to create the most comprehensive list of "FREE STUFF" on the internet. You can get just about anything for free, from CD's to pet food. Updated daily.